9:02M. St. Pierre @ Local4: 9:01 a.m. We're about an hour away from Bobby Ferguson's sentencing. So far, it's a much quieter day at the court house compared to his friend Kwame Kilpatrick yesterday.

9:26M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Bobby Ferguson was convicted on 9 counts including racketeering and extortion. The government has asked for 14 to 28 years. Ferguson's attorneys have asked that their client be sentenced to just 10 years. U.S. Judge Nancy Edmunds will render her sentence today.

9:33M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Kwame Kilpatrick spent some time during his statement yesterday talking about his friend Bobby Ferguson. Kilpatrick said Bobby was already making $24 million a year before he became mayor.

9:35M. St. Pierre @ Local4: I wonder if Bobby Ferguson will be in prison clothes or if he will be wearing a suit. Kilpatrick was brought into the courtroom in hand cuffs and prison khakis.

9:41M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Remember this will not be the end for Bobby Ferguson. He still faces a retrial in the federal bid rigging case. The first trial ended in a mistrial last year.

9:43M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Bobby Ferguson's wife Marilyn is in the federal courthouse.

9:43M. St. Pierre @ Local4: The two are getting a divorce but she is still here today.

9:48M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Three of Bobby's children wrote letters in support of their father in preparation for today's sentencing. Coworkers wrote letters too.

9:50M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Kwame Kilpatrick's father Bernard will be sentenced next week. We learned yesterday he has been spending a lot of time in Texas as a father figure for Kwame's three sons.

9:51M. St. Pierre @ Local4: The cameras in the courtoom are now up and running.

9:52M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Bobby Ferguson's attorney Michael Rataj is already in place. His other attorney Susan Van Dusen is also in the courtroom.

9:53M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Kilpatrick's attorney Harold Gurewitz is in attendance too. Just one day after seeing his client sentenced to 28 years.

9:56M. St. Pierre @ Local4: We are just a few minutes away from getting started. Local 4 Defender Kevin Dietz is in the courtroom.

9:57M. St. Pierre @ Local4: U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade is back in court this morning.

9:59M. St. Pierre @ Local4: U.S. Attorney Michael Bullotta, one of the prosecutors during the trial, is going over his notes.

10:00M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Ferguson's wife is seated in the second row.

10:01M. St. Pierre @ Local4: There are not many people in the courtroom this morning.

10:01M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Bobby Ferguson is now in the courtroom in prison khakis and handcuffs.

10:02M. St. Pierre @ Local4: He looks much thinner than during the trial.

10:02M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Handcuffs are off and he is greeting his attorneys.

10:03M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Ferguson is huddled with his attorneys. I wonder what they're talking about.

10:03M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Heads are down and they were holding hands.

10:03M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Judge Nancy Edmunds has entered the courtroom. Let's get started.

10:04M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Ferguson turns to talk to his wife briefly.

10:04M. St. Pierre @ Local4: Bobby appears more laid back than Kwame did yesterday.