Federal prosecutors are seeking forfeiture of about $10.2 million, a vehicle and several properties from an Oakland County doctor accused of intentionally misdiagnosing cancer patients as part of an alleged multi-million-dollar insurance scheme.

Dr. Farid Fata is accused of committing fraud to enrich himself through health insurance programs. The government says his practice billed Medicare $225 million from August 2007 to July 2013. He is expected to face trial as early as August, 2014.

If Fata is convicted, federal prosecutors have a list of things they say are subject to criminal forfeiture including his 2011 Acura RDX Turbo, his home and several other land property.

View: Federal prosecution's list of forfeiture items

Fata faces charges including health care fraud and a count of receiving kickbacks and unlawful procurement of naturalization.

He is being held at a federal prison in Milan, Mich., until trial.

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