The table essentially demonstrates that Ferguson enterprises ticks the most local and economic development point system boxes.

11:25AM "Ferguson enterprises has 34 years of experience providing services...have full capability with equipment, services and men.... It is DHB, DBB, MBE business." This is all on the bid proposal document submitted by Lakeshore. Also lists other projects that Ferguson is involved in Offload, Baby Creek and Booster Pump stations.

Witness says there was a contract where there was no work but there was an agreement.

DCG was part of the Lanzo family. After the contract was awarded, D'Alessandro decided he want to be in. Isn't that right? Yes.

FEI was on the 849 outfalls contract originally? Yes.

And then Angelo D'Alessandro makes a side deal with the city in 2004? Yes.

And then DCG wanted to do the work that Ferguson wanted the work? They wanted the same line items.

Bobby and Angelo had a discussion about the line items says witness.

But Bobby was the one who was awarded the excavation on the contract? Yes.

D'Alessandro said he wanted his, indicating Bobby, business? Yes.

That was the reason for the dispute says the witness.

You didn't say guess what Angelo that's not fair, that's Bobby's job, you let them work it out? Yes.

If Ferguson was pushed out of the contract he could have sued? In any event negotiations took place? Yes.

Angelo D'Alessandro's idea to take to Bobby? Yes.

D'Alessandro's share was supposed to be 36% of a 19 million contract? Yes.

You know you have to look out for yourself in that business? That's correct.

Especially if your a minority business? I feel that way sometimes.

And Angelo wanted him out because he knew he could make a whole lot more money? I don't know.

You testified that Angelo represented both DCG and Lanzo? That's correct.

Now looking at a record of payment. witness says it's an agreement between Lakeshore and DCG about the breakdown of payment to Ferguson that was agreed upon.

DCG would be receiving $1,854,001.07 for the work and they were meant to pay $273,786 to Ferguson Enterprises.

Witness says this was put together prior to the work being done.

So it's a schedule of payment? Yes.

Lanzo's original bid schedule was for $16,309,257- less credit for bond and 5% to team and $900,00 to Ferguson enterprises. Net to Lanzo was $14, 372,444.

So he didn't just write a check there was a formula? Yes.