Gruesome testimony from witnesses in the deadly baseball bat beatings of the Cipriano family in their Farmington Hills home led up to a judge's decision Friday to send Tucker Cipriano and Mitchell Young to trial.

The two are accused of breaking into Cipriano's family's house on April 16 and attacking the family. Cipriano's father, Robert Cipriano, was killed.

Bob Cipriano

--Robert Cipriano

His mother, Rose, and 17-year-old brother, Sal, were critically hurt.

Sal's twin, Tanner, and the family's 8-year-old daughter escaped the attack.

Tucker Cipriano and Mitchell Young are charged with first-degree murder.

"In listening to the testimony, it is clear there was a crime committed," said 47th District Court Judge Marla Parker.

Tucker Cipriano will undergo psychological testing.

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Tucker Cipriano defense attorney Mitch Ribitwer

--Tuck Cipriano's defense attorney Mitch Ribitwer

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Medical examiner says Robert Cipriano had severe head injuries

An Oakland County medical examiner testified that Robert Cipriano suffered severe blunt force trauma to his body, which is consistent with being attacked with a bat.

Oakland County ME Ortiz-Reyes

Deputy medical examiner Ruben Ortiz-Reyes testified that he performed an autopsy on Cipriano April 17 and found the most severe injuries were to the top and side of his head.


Ortiz-Reyes said Cipriano suffered a particularly hard blow to the left side of his head, which caused bones to fragment and hemorrhaging.

Ortiz-Reyes said Robert Cipriano had "aspirated blood" in his lungs, which means he died from drowning in his own blood.

Tucker Cipriano breaks down during description of bloody scene

Tucker Cirpriano in court

Tucker Cipriano was visibly upset, crying, when Farmington Hills police detective Richard Wehby described the scene inside the house when he arrived.

“There was blood spatter on the walls. There was blood all over the floor,” Wehby said. “In the kitchen where Mr. Cipriano was laying, there was also blood on the cabinets, on the ceiling.”