TROY, Mich. -

An apparently drunk woman was arrested after, police say, she called 911 Thursday night to ask for a ride home from Joe Kool's Bar and Grille in Troy.

Police say 24-year-old Alana Sims, of Sterling Heights, can be heard on the 911 call asking for "an escort" home.

Listen to the call here: Woman calls 911 to ask for ride

Caller: I just need an escort.
911 dispatcher: What do you mean?
Caller: I need an escort to home.
911 dispatcher: What do you mean you need an escort? What's going on?

That's when the woman hung up the phone. Police called her back and she explained she was looking for a ride home from people she knew at the station because all the cabs were too busy.

Police officer: Hi, this is the Police Department.
Caller: Hi, how are you?
Police officer: I'm good, how are you? Is this Elena?
Caller: Alana.
Police officer: Alana, I'm sorry. You stated earlier you needed an escort home?
Caller: I would appreciate that, but you know what? It's OK.
Police officer: Where are you at?
Caller: I'm at Joe Kool's.
Police officer: Are you in the restaurant, or are you in the parking lot?
Caller: I'm in the restaurant.
Police officer: Why do you need an escort home?
Caller: I don't.
Police officer: Why did you think you did?
Caller: Because I've been drinking a little much but, I don't know. I know some people over there at the police station ... so that's why I was calling. All the cabs are too busy.
Police officer: OK, why don't you just stay there at the restaurant, inside, and we'll have someone come talk to you, OK?
Caller: Oh, you think so?
Police officer: I think so, yes.
Caller: OK.

Officers went to Joe Kool's and arrested Sims. She was arraigned Friday on a resisting, obstructing, opposing and interfering with an officer charge.

She is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.