Bowling For Soup maintains packed schedule of shows, new music 25 years after debut album

Singer Jaret Reddick shares band's plans

Bowling For Soup (Photo: Will Bolton)
Bowling For Soup (Photo: Will Bolton)

DETROIT – Bowling For Soup's debut album dropped in September 1994.

Twenty-five years later, the band is as active as ever, touring, making music and adapting to new technology.

Staying relevant and maintaining a loyal fanbase is something lead singer Jaret Reddick credits to several things.

"We stay enough to what our niche is that we don't stray too far from that," Reddick said. "We definitely know what we sound like and what people expect us to sound like, and we try not to get too crazy as far as getting too far away from that."

Reddick said the guys make sure to put their fans first because the fans are the whole reason they've been able to create music for so long.

"That's definitely rule No. 1: You gotta be good to the people who give you your career," he said. "Treat your fans as if they're friends because they are."

Bowling For Soup has also been able to overcome another challenge that bands often face after so long – disagreements between members. The group has had very few member changes over the course of the past few decades.

"We've just been really lucky, and have managed to keep it together, which is not the easiest thing in the world, that's for sure," Reddick said.

Bowling For Soup keeps busy in 2019

"We're doing tons of new material," Reddick said.

A recent reimagined version of 2002's "Girl All the Bad Guys Want" garnered plenty of popularity.

The band performed a 2019 remake of the track per a request from BBC Radio 1.

"It was really a quick sting. We borrowed guitars to do it," Reddick said.

Reddick said the sporadic performance was something they had fun with, but he never thought it would get the attention it has.

"I never would have thought that it would have gone as crazily viral as it has," he said.

Beyond remaking an anthem for fun, there's a lot coming from Bowling For Soup.

The band is on tour and has plans to release a cover song every month for at least a year. Reddick wouldn't reveal what song the group would be releasing next, but he said he hopes it raises mental health awareness.

Reddick said all new releases will only be available for streaming.

"It keeps people engaged, so we're going to see how that works for us," he said "It's 2019. We're embracing it."

As they move forward, Reddick said Bowling For Soup is making new music inspired from life, so the band always has a fresh palette to draw inspiration from.

"That's one thing that's good thing about existing – every day is an adventure," he said.

Bowling For Soup is slated to perform at The Crofoot in Pontiac on Oct. 8.

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