4Frenzy Spotlight: Sade runs with new mindset for Renaissance High

Junior runner motivated by sophomore teammate

Sade Ried is pictured on the left, Kynnedee Cowles on the right.
Sade Ried is pictured on the left, Kynnedee Cowles on the right.

Every athlete has one role model in their life who drives them to maximize their abilities. Whether it be a parent, a sibling or their coach, an athlete would not be successful without this motivator in their life. But for Renaissance cross country junior Sade' Ried this inspiration comes from her teammate, sophomore Kynnedee Cowles. 

Sade' had struggled with her career as a runner, especially throughout her freshman year. She constantly had a mindset that she wasn't good enough and would compare herself to other runners that had been on this journey much longer than her. Not only has her outlook on running changed, Sade now runs with a new mindset: you get out, what you put in.

Sade' takes this idea and applies it to her training. She constantly is putting in the hard work needed to be successful both on and off the track. Sade' trains as hard as she possibly can and refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of that. 

Before every race, Sade' repeats the phrase, "Commit to the journey, maximize your potential, and focus on improving a little every day." She received these words of encouragement from Stanford University's track and field team, which she saw from one of their Instagram posts.

In addition to this phrase, Sade' is constantly inspired and motivated by her sophomore teammate, Kynnedee. Sade' knows that she can always depend on Kynnedee to push her and to hold her to the highest standard possible. Sade' believes Kynnedee inevitably makes her run harder because if Kynnedee can drop her race times, than so can Sade'. 

Sade' credits her accomplishments to her new mindset that has evolved along with her running ability. She has stepped out of her comfort zone tremendously and is truly passionate about cross country. Her hard work was truly highlighted when she was All City in not only cross country, but also track and field. 

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