Spotlight: Regina girls basketball's Lillian Kozak

'Favorite Center' owes success to her family


Lillian Kozak of Regina High School is 4Frenzy's Fan Choice Award winner for Favorite Center is girls basketball! With more than 1,000 votes, get to know Lillian and see what makes her a fan favorite.



Lillian's role models:

Lillian credits her success in her basketball career to her parents. They taught her hard work and tenacity. Her parents also encouraged her to think of basketball as comparable to her life. "Whether you succeed or not, it depends on your mindset and the amount of work you put in," Lillian says. Not only are they her role models, her parents are also her biggest fans. They never miss a game.

A family affair:

Lillian owes the massive amount of votes she received to her whole family. "My family is a huge support system and I know that they were persistent in voting each hour for me," Lillian says. "All of my uncles, aunts, grandparents, my parents, friends and my sister supported me the whole time and we're a huge reason on why I received those votes."



When asked what her greatest accomplishment has been in her basketball career, Lillian told us that she is proud of how much she has improved since she started playing nine years ago. Diane Laffey, who has coached Lillian for three years, credits Lillian on being a hardworking, team-oriented player. 

Life outside basketball:

If Lillian isn't on the court, you can find her volunteering or Polish dancing! She loves listening to rock songs from the early 2000s and eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream. But don't worry, before every game she makes sure to fill up on protein by eating a Clif protein bar.


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