4Frenzy ‘Coach of the Week’: Grosse Pointe North cheer’s Kristina Kaiser

From cheering in high school to becoming coach of that same team

Coach Kaiser with last years senior captains.
Coach Kaiser with last years senior captains. (WDIV)

Kristina Kaiser is the varsity cheer coach at Grosse Pointe North High School. Kaiser started coaching in 2008 after she moved back home from college. Originally she was asked to be the assistant coach for junior varsity and after ten years, Kaiser became the varsity coach of her beloved alma mater.

As a coach, Kaiser’s goal is to have a successful season. She said that setting team and individual goals are more important than worrying whether or not they are better than another team. “My goals are met when my athletes become strong, confident and independent young women who exceed in their academics, get accepted to the college of their dreams, and go into a field that they absolutely love,” said Kaiser.

The GPN cheer team is a competitive cheer team. They are in the Macomb Area Conference Blue league, Division 1. “We won several times last season,” said Kaiser, “leading us to a MAC Gold division championship.” Last year GPN cheer tied for best sportsmanship in their division. “I truly think that is something we embody. A winner is not a true winner if they have a bad attitude. Being able to lead with class and kindness is what makes a true team and a true cheerleader, and we try to live that life every day.”

With this season being very different than previous seasons, many girls on the team were unable to participate due to the pandemic and their current home situations. This left Kaiser with just ten girls on the team. “Not one of these athletes had to come to practice, they did not have to cheer for this sideline season, but they did; for the love of their sport and the feeling they get when they accomplish a new skill."

Coach Kaiser said she believes in keeping the team mentally healthy and that it is important to remember that her athletes are still kids. “It’s easy to fall into a ‘woe-is-me’ mindset, and we have to remember as coaches and adults that our athletes/children are looking up to us on how they should also be reacting and behaving.” Kaiser said she is extremely grateful to be able to coach the Grosse Pointe North Varsity cheer team and work with a program she is proud of.

Coach Kaiser is clearly a wonderful coach, and we at 4Frenzy were happy to name her Coach of the Week!

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