SPOTLIGHT: Livonia Churchill HS AP Biology class overcomes obstacles to learn during the pandemic

Mrs. Julie Tafelski’s AP Biology have been “heroes” this past year

Spotlight- Livonia Churchill HS AP Biology Class (WDIV)

The students in Mrs. Julie Tafelski’s AP Biology class at Livonia Churchill High School have not let the pandemic affect their learning at all. Instead, they have remained dedicated to their education.

“These young people are kind, patient and empathetic for the situations of each individual in our class,” said Tafelski. “All of them have provided motivation for me to do my best on the daily.”

Despite the changes in education that have arisen due to the pandemic, her students have been consistent with keeping their cameras on during remote sessions, and staying focused for in-person classes. Maddy Mastenbrook, a junior taking Mrs. Tafelski’s class, says that her teacher did a great job at keeping students engaged.

AP Biology class working on an assignment (WDIV)

“She has navigated obstacles this year regarding tech on Zoom calls, different approaches of learning and even COVID in her personal life,” said Mastenbrook. “She continues to adapt to changes with positivity and strength.”

Winston Churchill’s quote “Never, Never, Never Give Up” is on the walls of the AP Biology classroom because Tafelski believes that it encourages her students to keep trying. Although she still worries about sticking to the curriculum, she is confident that her class learned invaluable life lessons during this challenging year.

“As a veteran teacher, I have learned so much in these past nine months and that is the silver lining,” she said. “It has meant the world to me to have taken this journey with these kids. They have been nothing short of amazing!”

AP Biology teacher Julie Tafelski and students studying outside (WDIV)

The students of Livonia Churchill High School feel similarly about their teachers. According to junior Alan Corp, his teachers have motivated him to remain focused during the pandemic.

“This school has done a great job at bringing out my thoughts and has made me a brighter person today,” said Corp. “This class is always happy and I always look forward to seeing my teacher smile each day.”

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