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Man scams Dexter couple who thought he was distressed grandson

Couple wires more than $6,000 to man they think is grandson in distress in another country; turns out it was scam


DEXTER, Mich. – When 75-year-old Delores Houk received a call from a man claiming to be her grandson, she had no doubt it was him.

"The caller ID said Barcelona, Spain and I said, 'What are you doing in Spain?'" said Houk.

The man told the elderly couple he had gotten into an accident and then asked the couple for money to pay for hospital bills.

"I was convinced it was Fred. I said, 'We've got to help him out, you know,'" she said.

Without a second thought, the couple wired the man nearly $2,000. When the man urged the couple not to tell his parents, red flags did go up.


"They did, and yet all I could think of is, 'What the hell kind of trouble did you get into?'" said Houk.

On the following day, the man who they believed was their grandson called again. They wire more money. A day after that, another call, another request for cash.

Just as they were about to send more money they receive a call from the bank. They learned the man they sent thousands of dollars to wasn't their beloved grandson Fred. It was a crook.

"That I fell for it, that's what upset me. I should have questioned him more, I think," said Houk.

The Houk's lost more than $6,000 dollars to the scam. Authorities are investigating.

If you or someone you know faces a similar situation, you are encouraged to do your homework before forking over your money.