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Where are the best places to park for the Ann Arbor Art Fair?

3 shuttles offered for art fair attendees

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Many people will be heading to Ann Arbor this weekend for the art fair, and parking will be at a premium.

Local 4's Kim DeGiulio took a look at the best spots to make getting in and out of the art fair a breeze.

Getting to and around the city during the art fair will be tricky, so the best bet for getting around hassle-free is to use one of the three shuttle pick-up and drop-off locations around Ann Arbor.

The art fair shuttle is a good option for visitors who don't live in Downtown Ann Arbor.

There are three locations where people can park for free: Briarwood Mall, Huron High School and Ann Arbor Pioneer High School. A shuttle will pick up and drop off art fair attendees every 10-15 minutes at the locations.

Riding to and from the art fair will cost $3 total.

The shuttle starts one hour before the art fair begins and is open one hour after the art fair closes.

While the shuttles are a great option for some visitors, they won't work everyone.

"Sometimes we buy art and we need to transport it," Craig Malkowski said. "So the shuttles wouldn't work."

Anyone buying large items will have to plan to pay a little more for a nearby spot.

There are several lots to park in for about $15, but they fill up fast.

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