Ann Arbor's International Samaritan organization declares July 31 "Be a Samaritan Day"

Day devoted to helping change people's lives

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – A local nonprofit organization is trying to encourage Ann Arbor residents to get out and help people that need it most.

International Samaritan, an Ann Arbor-based nonprofit, is declaring July 31 as "Be a Samaritan Day." The day is intended to give people the opportunity to help change lives.

International Samaritan is hosting an online celebration to honor all the work done to help those in poverty. People are given the chance to leave encouraging messages, and hear and tell inspiring stories of people who are making a difference.

"Sometimes, it is easy to get distressed by all of the bad news out there, so we thought it fitting that we take a day to celebrate and honor all of the good work that is being done by people in our community, state and across the nation," said International Samaritan Vice President of Operations Andrew Pawuk. "Our goal is to give everyone a chance to show how they are making a small difference to change the lives of someone in need."

To participate in "Be a Samaritan Day," visit International Samaritan's website at or the organization's Facebook page to find out more details.