Miss Kim kicks off Restaurant Week with suckling pig dinner featuring soju

Restaurant offered Restaurant Week themed dinner, soju pairing

Suckling pig dinners are held monthly and vegetarian feasts are on the menu starting in July. Photo | Sarah M. Parlette

ANN ARBOR, MichKicking off Ann Arbor’s restaurant week with flair, Kerrytown restaurant Miss Kim offered its Restaurant Week version of a suckling pig dinner Monday night.

Offered each month, Miss Kim’s recurring suckling pig dinners highlight featured producers and show off a menu full of variety for attendees to sample.

Smashed potatoes and other vegetables made up a variety of side dishes for eaters. Photo | Sarah M. Parlette

For Monday’s dinner, the star of the suckling pig dinner was, naturally, the small pig who sat at the head of the table.

Served buffet-style, the dishes on the Restuarant Week menu included comforting soy butter rice, tangy popcorn Korean fried chicken and slurp-able Enoki mushroom japchae noodles among other offerings.  

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On top of starting restaurant week off on a high note, the Monday night dinner featured West 32 soju. Miss Kim is the first restaurant in Ann Arbor to feature the soju brand, which it made sure to highlight in its lemony When Life Gives You Soju cocktail. Smooth enough to be sipped, the West 32 soju is an American craft soju distilled in New York.

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The all-you-can-eat suckling pig dinners have become so popular in Ann Arbor that chef and owner Ji Hye Kim said that in July, the restaurant plans to start having vegetarian dinners. She told us that the restaurant has found more and more vegetarians attending the suckling pig dinners just to eat the vegetable-based side dishes, so she plans to showcase and have vegetable feasts in the future.

Ranging in price, the suckling pig dinners use products from local farmers, butchers and purveyors, like Ann Arbor Seed Co., Seeley Farm and Hyundai Market. 

Photo | Sarah M. Parlette

To see upcoming events, buy tickets or to see of a list of local partners, visit the Miss Kim website.

Located in the Kerrytown Market and shops, Miss Kim is open Tuesdays through Sundays at 415 N 5th Ave.

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