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Teaspressa celebrates one year in the downtown Ann Arbor communi-tea

Pinky fingers up for a year of tea, business and local events

Photo credit | Teaspressa
Photo credit | Teaspressa

ANN ARBOR, Mich.A full year after its soft-opening in 2018, Teaspressa in downtown Ann Arbor celebrated its first birthday and a full year of serving the Ann Arbor community on July 27. 

Known for its colorful lattes and Instagram-able interior, the small cafe has been serving its tea-based drinks to Ann Arborites for a full year. 

But the shop has also embedded itself in Ann Arbor culture. According to Rachel Miller, the general manager of the Ann Arbor Teaspressa location, regulars are the life’s blood of the downtown cafe. 

“Regulars are the heartbeat of a small business -- and we have a lot of them that are die-hard regulars -- so it’s pretty cool to have that,” Miller said. 

Teaspressa has made itself a regular place for students, downtown professionals and local artists. Refills are discounted to half-off for those who hang out in the space to study. 

Miller said that over the past year, people have not only enjoyed the colors and Instagram-ability of the cafe but they also enjoy the health benefits of its beau-Tea shots - shots of things like matcha, beet juice or turmeric that can be added to its tea or espresso-based lattes

“There’s always a new reason to come back, aside from getting a drink, ” Miller said, referring to how Teaspressa Ann Arbor changes its decor regularly to match the seasons. 

Through the year, the downtown cafe has also become a place for artists, local vendors, influencers, writers and yogis. On the first Sunday of every month, artists and vendors nestle into the shop to sell their products at Teaspressa’s monthly “Sip and Shops.”  

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The shop also hosts monthly donation-based yoga where Ann Arbor yogis or those new to yoga can pay what they want for an hour of yoga. Teaspressa Ann Arbor also plays home to a writers club every other Monday and it hosts private social media influencer events. Check out its Facebook page for events like Bullet journal making, macrame classes and more.

Keeping things local

Along with its events promoting local vendors, Miller said that Teaspressa Ann Arbor also tries to keep its coffee and food local. For its coffee-based drinks, it uses RoosRoast Bad Ass Women blend. Before making a switch to RoosRoast coffee, she asked customers what local coffee they liked. 

“I definitely take what people say to heart to make sure that I can give them options,” Miller said.

She said Teaspressa prides itself with keeping its food products local as well. They try to shop at the farmers market for organic produce and products that go into its soups, paninis and toasts. 

When asked, Miller said that one of the most popular items is the Ruby Rose/Harry Styles/the Prink Drink (it’s got a few names) -- a white chocolate and passion fruit drink with a shot of beet juice, green tea and rose petals.  

Miller is bit biased though, she said, as she created the recipe, along with a few others offered at Teaspressa locations. She said the cucumber avocado toast is the most-bought food item. 

Don’t be shy - ask for that Instagram drink

Miller said that people often come into Teaspressa and sheepishly ask if the baristas can make a drink from the Teaspressa’s Instagram. Don’t worry, they totally can.

“I think that one of the great things about this place is that the staff itself is really amazing. My whole staff here - not only me - they go out of their way,“ Miller said. 

She said that  not only are all the staff trained to know everything on the menu but they are also happy to help out with taking pictures to make sure that all customers have what Miller called,“the Teaspressa experience.”

The staff is also trained and well-informed on the story of Teaspressa and the process of its teas. 

Aside from its local fame, Teaspressa is known nationally. Its founder, Allison DeVane, pitched the idea of "SharkTank" in 2015. Despite not being offered a deal by the "SharkTank" sharks, DeVane pursued her tea-based business idea and now has four Teaspressa locations (with more on the way) and sells Teaspressa goods internationally online. 

Teaspressa is located at 414 S. Main St. 

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