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Washtenaw County Health Department: Businesses must screen workers starting Friday

Thermometers flying off store shelves during pandemic
Thermometers flying off store shelves during pandemic

ANN ARBOR – The Washtenaw County Health Department is declaring updated emergency orders requiring businesses, service providers and operators to screen their employees for symptoms of COVID-19 starting Friday.

While cloth face coverings, social distancing and other protective measures are in effect across Michigan under Executive Order 2020-59, screening is only necessary at the moment for pharmacies and food-selling establishments under Executive Order 2020-60.

Under the new local order, the Washtenaw County Health Department is expanding screenings to include all businesses -- including childcare centers -- to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The order will go into effect at midnight on May 1 and will expire on May 15.

According to state orders, everyone is required to wear face coverings in enclosed public spaces, except for those who are under 2 years of age or those who cannot medically tolerate wearing a face mask.

The updated orders must be posted at the entrance of facilities that are currently operating or that may resume operations.

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“We know it is difficult to continue staying home for many reasons, and many of us cannot stay home. But social distancing is working,” Washtenaw County Health Officer Jimena Loveluck said in a statement. “We are slowing the spread of illness. But we continue to see new cases of COVID-19 every day in Washtenaw County, and we must be cautious moving forward.”

Anyone with urgent questions can contact 734-544-6700 or l-wchdcontact@washtenaw.org.

For updated COVID-19 information, check the following official sites:

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