Volunteers help Hope Clinic provide additional groceries, services to community members

Volunteers, local organizations help Hope Clinic respond to increased demand

Hope Clinic offers medical and dental healthcare as well as food assistance and social work assistance.

YPSILANTI, Mich. – During a time of increased need, volunteers and Washtenaw County organizations have stepped up to help Hope Clinic offer more groceries and services to community members.

In the past month, there has been an increased demand for the services offered by Hope Clinic. Half of the households using the clinic’s medical, dental and food assistance services are new and demand for grocery assistance has tripled.

The clinic has been able to meet the growing needs of the community through the support of new volunteers and new, first-time donors.

“We all know that schools, companies and stores are closed due to Covid-19. But hope is never cancelled, and neither is Hope Clinic. We are so grateful for the generous response of the community, which has stepped up to provide needed food, medical care, and emergency dental services, all in the midst of this chaos. The constant in all of this is the community coming together to serve,” said Doug Campbell, executive director of the Hope Clinic, through a statement.

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Volunteers work in shifts to handout grocery items, assist with dental emergencies and provide support for medical administration.

Various faith-based organizations have donated food and handsewn, reusable masks for volunteers during their shifts while catering companies and restaurants have donated food and hand sanitizer.

GameAbove, an alumni group at Eastern Michigan University, raised over $50,000 for Hope Clinic.

In addition to its food and medical services, the clinic provides free prescription medications to patients as well as mental health services and emergency referrals.

Visit the Hope Clinic website to see all of its services. Contact the Ypsilanti clinic over the phone at (734) 484-2989.

Hope Clinic is at 518 Harriet St., Ypsilanti.

It has an additional clinic at 33608 Palmer Rd. in Westland.

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