Ann Arbor Summer Festival creates anonymous Quarantine Confessions website

Have a quarantine confession to make?


ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The Ann Arbor Summer Festival has created a website for community members to confess their quirky quarantine stories.

Confession can be made anonymously by filling out a Google Form.

Some confessions are comical while some are thought-provoking or inspiring. No two confessions are the same.

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One confession reads, “I went to Target in a star wars clone costume,” while another says, “I have cancelled virtual meetings to take a nap. And I am NOT sorry about it.”

Other confessions range from gaining the quarantine 15 (a reference to gaining weight while at home) to baking triumphs and pop-culture throwbacks.

The virtual space is a judgment-free place to spill the beans.

Make your quarantine confessions here.


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