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Michigan Medicine asks for COVID-19 survivor, patient blood donations for research 

Donation samples will help scientists further study disease

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Michigan Medicine is asking COVID-19 survivors and patients to donate blood for new research projects at the University of Michigan and beyond.

Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 are asked to donate blood, tissues and other biological samples, like nasal swabs, to the University of Michigan’s COVID-19 Biorepository -- a library of COVID-19 related donated samples.

U-M scientists will use the samples to further student the coronavirus, its effects and possible preventative measures and treatments.

Terms of scientists will be studying search for immune system activity like antibodies, in the samples and to see if DNA variation factors into how individuals respond differently to the coronavirus.

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Over 17,000 samples from 800 COVID-19 patients at Michigan Medicine have already been donated but the healthcare system is now asking for samples from non-Michigan Medicine patients.

Participants must be willing to donate six teaspoons of blood, be 18-years-old or older and currently have or have recovered from COVID-19.

Samples and data taken for the COVID-19 Biorepository can be shared between projects and may be shared with companies outside of the U-M developing related drugs and tests.

For out more about the call for blood donations here.


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