City of Ann Arbor seeks input on Gallup Park vehicle bridge

Wooden vehicle bridge at Gallup Park in Ann Arbor. (Meredith Bruckner)

ANN ARBOR – The city of Ann Arbor is asking the public for its input on ways to improve the Gallup Park vehicle bridge and surrounding park roads and trails.

Through a 13-question survey, community members can offer up their thoughts on what they like and dislike about the vehicle bridge as well as adjacent segments of park road and the Border-to-Border trail.

According to Hillary Hanzel, a park planner and landscape architect with the city of Ann Arbor, the survey is intended to help shape the direction of the project based on the experiences of those who actively use the park.

Currently, the city is in the information gathering stage of the project and will use survey feedback to develop design solutions that reflect community needs, Hanzel said through email.

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Responses to the open-ended survey questions will help the city gather a wide range of responses, concerns and ideas about the project area and community needs.

Survey takers are able to place dots on a map of the project area in order to show which areas they are concerned about and which they enjoy.

In the fall, community members will be able to view draft designs based on public input.

The survey will be available until 5 p.m. on Aug. 13. Find it here.

The area outlined in red is the Gallup Park projected area. Survey answers will be used to shape plans for the area. Courtesy of Hillary Hanzel. (City of Ann Arbor)

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