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Ypsilanti-based couple’s “donut gig” spreads joy

It's a Good Day Donuts offers doughnuts delivery on the weekends. Lately, delivery days have been Saturdays. (It's a Good Day Donuts)

YPSILANTI, Mich. – Amie Anderson, Jamie Krake and their children are spreading joy during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by delivering doughnuts.

Their “donut gig” came about because of the very stressful year the family was having, even before the pandemic started, according to Krake.

“It was sort of twofold. We needed some way to give us joy and happiness in our life and we were also opening up a cafe at a seasonal campground where we camp at," she said. “We needed to learn how to make doughnuts.”

Their business, It’s a Good Day Donuts, offers new themed flavors every week. Menu themes range from football rivalries and back-to-school to their children’s favorite flavors.

Anderson and Krake are constantly coming up with new flavors and items, like Michigan-shaped marshmallows, hot chocolate bombs, a pickle dipping sauce and bourbon flavored icing. Their most popular donuts have been their “unicorn” and “celebrate” doughnuts.

Each week the business offers six new flavors on its menu. (It's a Good Day Donuts)

Operating under Cottage Food Law, the couple started making doughnuts in their home in January 2020 when they realized that they (and their two children) were tired of eating practice doughnuts.

They took a break in the spring when the COVID-19 pandemic started but soon got back to business when they saw a need to spread joy through It’s a Good Day Donuts as the pandemic continued.

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“And that’s really where our ‘spread joy' thing came from," Anderson said. "Everyone needs a little joy right now and what brings joy more than some doughnuts to your doorstep?”

Fans can get doughy disks delivered once a week, usually on a Saturday or Sunday, or pick them up on Anderson and Krake’s porch in Ypsi. Delivery around Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti is free. Doughnut devotees in Dexter, Brighton and surrounding areas can pay an extra $5 fee for delivery.

Doughnuts can be delivered in packages of six while packs of three are occasionally available for porch pickup. Choose from six different flavors or send the “Spread Joy” pack to someone you know. It’s a Good Day Donuts also offers special orders.

The Ypsilanti-based business also offers other sweet things like Mich-a-mallows and hot chocolate bombs. (It's a Good Day Donuts)

Their doughnuts are meant to be a vehicle for something fun and happy, which the community has responded to. Anderson and Krake said that when they experienced a death in their extended family, customers reached out to support them and their children.

On top of juggling full-time jobs and their donut gig, Anderson and Krake care for their two children and are also trying to figure out the steps for their business. They want to bolster their community so opening up a fancy and pricey doughnut shop in Ypsilanti, which is already struggling with gentrification according to Anderson and Krake, isn’t something they are keen on. They want to do something that is good for their family, their business and their community.

As of now, they plan to launch a subscription package for the holidays. Anderson and Krake said the details are still being worked out but there will be updates on their social media pages.

Learn more about It’s a Good Day Donuts here or through its Facebook and Instagram pages.

Amie Anderson, Jamie Krake and their children. (It's a Good Day Donuts)

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