Ann Arbor high schoolers to perform 8 virtual plays this weekend

Performances part of national ‘Play at Home’ project

Members of the cast of Pioneer Theatre Guild's spring production of Les Miserables perform "One Last Day" from their homes in May 2020.
Members of the cast of Pioneer Theatre Guild's spring production of Les Miserables perform "One Last Day" from their homes in May 2020. (Pioneer Theatre Guild)

ANN ARBOR – The Pioneer Theatre Guild will be performing a series of short plays via livestream this weekend and tickets are free.

In a year marked by remote learning, the PTG has also adapted the way they perform. In May, they released a recording of a song from their canceled spring production of Les Miserables. The group dedicated the video to the outgoing senior class whose final season was marred by the pandemic.

This weekend, the performances are inspired by the Play at Home project -- a national effort by a group of theatre companies to commission a series of short plays for local communities.

Each play was specially developed to be performed in a virtual format during the pandemic, and 70 students from Community, Pioneer and Skyline high schools make up the cast and crew.

“PTG was really attracted to this particular project because it allowed our students to spend time together collaborating, rehearsing, and performing with one another,” Jayme Kelmigian, producer and directing mentor said in a statement.

“It was important for our students to direct and work with a small cast and crew so they could have a creative outlet during this difficult time of isolation. While this is certainly different from live theatre as we know it, it is something we are proud of and excited to share with audiences virtually.”

Pioneer Student Board member and Play at Home director Zoe Resendez said she enjoyed re-connecting with her peers and creating art with fellow theater enthusiasts.

“The Play At Home Project was such a great learning experience!” Resendez said in a statement. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the PTG family come together and work to create something we’ve never done before. Even through the Zoom screen, I still felt included and connected to those that were a part of the project.

“It felt really great to get back to creating art and work with a small group who loves theatre as much as I do. Throughout this experience, I have been reminded of how much talent, support, and love for each other lies within the heart of PTG.”

Livestreaming will be available from Friday at 7:30 p.m. through Sunday until 11:59 p.m.

Tickets are free but donations are encouraged. Only one ticket is needed per device. Tickets can be reserved until 9 p.m. on Sunday.

To reserve tickets, click here.

Plays that will be performed:

  • “A Wing and a Prayer” - Written by Josie Seid
  • “an untitled collection of words to be read out loud in a room together” - Written by Sam Chanse
  • “Pets Need Privacy Too” - Written by Madeline Sayet
  • “Real Life RPG” (Commissioned by Baltimore Center Stage) - Written by Reynaldo Piniella
  • “Recipe Inside” - Written by Emily Zemba
  • “Smiling in Place” (Commissioned by Relative Theatrics) - Written by Dale Dunn
  • “The Librarian” (for the Public Theater) - Written by Hansol Jung
  • “Three Love Songs” (Commissioned by Portland Center Stage) - Written by Anya Pearson

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