A4 Spring Photo Challenge 2021: The Winners

The peony garden at Nichols Arboretum on June 18, 2019. (Photo: Meredith Bruckner)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Spring has sprung!

We asked our readers to share their best photos this year for our Spring Photo Challenge as flowers bloomed and surprise snow flurries fell.

We’ve had fun combing through all of your awesome photos of Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. Thank you to all who entered.

Out of 202 entries we’ve somehow managed to pick our top 20.

The winners will be featured in Meredith’s Tuesday newsletter and on CTN.

Here’s a sneak peek:

"Morning spring dew" by Dranna Cody (Dranna Cody)
"Such beauty" by Dranna Cody (Dranna Cody)
"Tulip season in Ann Arbor" by Liza McArdle (Liza McArdle)
"Jane Magnolia" by DJ McRee (DJ McRee)
"Front Yard Tree" by Bridgette McRee (Bridgette McRee)
Untitled by Alyssa Paynter (Alyssa Paynter)
Untitled by Alyssa Paynter (Alyssa Paynter)
"April morning" by Charles Watts (Charles Watts)
"Tulips in Purgatory" by Wayne Bromfield (Wayne Bromfield)
"Complementary Tulips" by Hallie Levine (Hallie Levine)
"April spring snow" by Zhen Su (Zhen Su)
"Tulip in the evening" by Bhumsoo Kim (Bhumsoo Kim)
"House Finch Takes Up Gardening" by Ryan Henyard (Ryan A. Henyard)
"White-Breasted Nuthatch" by Ryan Henyard (Ryan A. Henyard)
"Blue Jay working" by Zhen Su (Zhen Su)
"Blooming!" by Peter Honeyman (Peter Honeyman)
"Yellow" by Geneva Willis (Geneva Willis)
"Forsythia bush" by Maureen Galster (Maureen Galster)
"Sunning at West Park" by Doris Noblin (Doris Noblin)
"Spring snow flowers" by Aderyn Sol (Aderyn Sol)

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