City of Ann Arbor using hungry goats to devour pesky poison ivy

Goat eating grass. (Pixabay)

ANN ARBOR – The Broadway Dog Park will soon close to make way for some goats -- yes, goats.

The animals are a part of a program by the city of Ann Arbor’s Goats at Work Program to get rid of a patch of poison ivy. They will be hard at work ingesting away from July 1-6.

Goats can safely eat several pounds of poison ivy a day, and even enjoy the thick, leafy plant.

The city has used “goatscaping” before to control invasive plants at Gallup Park. The goats will be back at Gallup Park from July 6-July 13 for some trimming.

The practice is an eco-friendly alternative to spraying affected areas with harsh chemicals.

The large dog area of the dog park will be closed while the goats munch away. However, the small dog area will remain open to dogs of all sizes during the project.

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