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Allconnect: Ann Arbor is fourth most connected college town in US

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Vegan-friendly. Highly-educated. Artsy. Ann Arbor has a lot of labels, and now it can add ‘connected’ to its list.

Allconnect has named the midsized city as the fourth most connected college spot on its “Top connected college towns in 2021″ list.

The broadband marketplace looked at college towns across the United States to determine which had the best internet access.

Here’s what Allconnect writer Ari Howard had to say about Tree Town:

“University of Michigan’s college town is Ann Arbor, which houses a total of 59,000 students. Although one of the most student-populated towns in the country, Ann Arbor is still able to offer average download speeds of 131 Mbps and provide its highest serviceable internet type (cable) to 98% of the town.”

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To reach its rankings, Allconnect explained that its team collected 152,187 speed tests from American colleges between October 2020 and January 2021.

The team looked at four categories: student population, download speeds, internet connection type and the percent covered by the highest serviceable internet type. Categories were then weighed to create the final rankings.

The factor with the most influence was the percent of those covered by the highest serviceable internet type, followed by download speeds, student population and lastly, connection type.

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Allconnect’s top 10 connected college towns are:

  1. State College, PA
  2. Corvallis, OR
  3. Cambridge, MA
  4. Ann Arbor, MI
  5. Tusacloosa, AL
  6. Morgantown, WV
  7. Fargo, ND
  8. Lincoln, NE
  9. Fort Collins, CO
  10. Layfayette, IN

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