University of Michigan: 76% of Ann Arbor students vaccinated against COVID-19

University of Michigan asks students to test for COVID-19 before going home for holidays

ANN ARBOR – Seventy-six percent of students returning to University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus this fall say they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the school’s new vaccine data dashboard.

U-M says all self-reported vaccinations have been confirmed.

“This is an important and positive milestone as vaccination of our entire community is the best way to ensure a vibrant campus experience in the fall,” read a statement on the dashboard website.

School officials have said that if more than 75 percent of students are fully vaccinated and community COVID cases remain low, the university may lift the mask requirement in classrooms.

All students were required to enter their vaccination status by July 16. Students, faculty and staff who have not done so are asked to self-report their vaccine information immediately, according to a release.

Students who decline to share their vaccination status must undergo weekly COVID testing when they return to school in the fall through the Community Sampling and Tracking Program.

The estimated student population is 47,000 based on the school’s five-year fall enrollment average.

“Officials continue to monitor the important measure of vaccine uptake along with an assessment of the spread of COVID-19 in the local and regional communities and will update decisions regarding masking requirements in classes by July 31 as outlined in the Vaccine Metrics Guidance,” read a release.