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Infrastructure project to close roads in downtown Ann Arbor starting Monday

Closures to last until Dec. 31

A portion of South Ashley Street in downtown Ann Arbor closed to through traffic in March, 2021. (Sarah Parlette, WDIV)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The installation of fiber optic cables, underground conduit and work on manholes will close several areas in downtown Ann Arbor through the end of December.

Construction in lanes, alleys and sidewalks will start Monday as part of an infrastructure improvement project by the City of Ann Arbor Information Technology department. Some of the construction will require concrete removal and restoration.

Closures will last until Friday, Dec. 31.

These are the impacted areas, according to a notice from the city:

  • “Main Street from William Street to Madison Street — Sidewalk closure and lane closure.
  • Ashley Street from West Liberty Street to William Street — Possible lane closure when going through intersection of Ashley and Liberty.
  • West Liberty Street from Ashley Street to 1st Street — Sidewalk closure and possible partial lane closure.”
  • “Alley between 1st and Ashley, North of Liberty South of Washington — Alley closure north of parking lot at north side of Liberty Street.
  • Washington Street from above Alley to railroad tracks W of 1st Street — Sidewalk closure and meter bags.
  • 1st Street from Washington Street south — Meter bags and sidewalk closure.
  • Division Street from Huron Street to Washington Street — Eastside lane closure and sidewalk closure. Westside, meter bags and sidewalk closure (east and west side work will be completed at separate times). Lane closures when crossing Washington Street.
  • Washington Street from Division Street to State Street — Sidewalk closure, meter bags, bike lane closure.
  • State Street from Huron Street to Washington Street — Meter bags, sidewalk closure, and lane closure when crossing Huron Street.
  • Huron Street from 1st  Street to Ashley Street — Lane closure and sidewalk closure.”

The infrastructure project previously closed several other streets and alleys throughout downtown Tree Town in November.

Need a visual? Check out our traffic map.

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