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Michigan fans react to big win against Ohio State

Wolverines beat Buckeyes 42-27 on Saturday

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The chant “Let’s Go Blue” could be heard loud and clear Saturday night around the Big House.

Fans were too excited about the big win against rival Ohio State.

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“It just feels great. I’m so happy, I could be there,” Scott Albrecht said. “The energy in the stadium was awesome. We played great, it was a great day.”

“Freaking amazing. It’s a very good feeling,” Brayden Cook said.

But not a good feeling for Ohio State fans.

“Let’s go Bucks, baby,” one Ohio State fan said.

“Screw the blue,” another Ohio State fan said.

“It’s what happened today that matters. We lost,” said another Ohio State fan.

That’s something Michigan fans will brag about until next year.

“I’ve been coming to this game for nine years now. I’m so excited,” one Michigan fan said. “But the good news is, we buried those stupid Buckeyes. What is a buckeye anyways, man?”

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