Ann Arbor seeks input on community-owned sustainable energy utility

Solar panel

ANN ARBOR – As part of achieving its carbon neutrality goals by 2030, the city of Ann Arbor is exploring ways to power Tree Town with 100% renewable and clean energy.

A Sustainable Energy Utility is a utility that is owned by the community and uses local battery storage and solar systems installed on buildings throughout the city to provide electricity. The buildings in question would be private homes and businesses.

“The envisioned Ann Arbor SEU would be a community-owned utility that would provide 100% clean, reliable, locally built and affordable electricity; built by the community, for the community,” City of Ann Arbor Sustainability and Innovations director Missy Stults said in a release.

“It would be a supplemental utility to what residents currently have and could provide our community members with a choice for how to procure their energy; a choice most do not have today.”

City Council passed a resolution earlier this year for Ann Arbor officials to gather community interest in a local SEU. The result is a survey created by the Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations that can be completed until June 30.

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