Here’s why you should register your pup with the City of Ann Arbor

Dog holding leash in mouth (Alexei Maximenko, iStock)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – With good weather finally here, it’s time to get out of the house. For dog owners, it’s also time to make sure that fido gets out of the house, too.

As more dogs head outside and into public spaces, it’s important for dog owners in Ann Arbor to make sure their pooch is properly licensed.

Here are four reasons to make sure your dog is licensed in Tree Town:

1. It’s the law

Dogs that are 6 months old or above are required to be licensed in accordance with Michigan law, says the city’s website.

In Ann Arbor, a one-year license for spayed and neutered dogs costs $6 for one year and $15 for three years. Licenses for unspayed or unneutered dogs cost $12 for one year and $30 for three years. Licenses are free for service dogs.

2. Rabies prevention

To buy a dog license in Ann Arbor, owners must show proof of current rabies vaccination for their pets. This helps prevent the spread of rabies among dogs living within the city and using city dog parks.

Licenses expire on the last day of the month of the rabies expiration, according to the city.

3. Dog parks

Tree Town has three dog parks: Swift Run, Olson Park and Broadway Park. Permits are required for dogs to be off-leash at the parks.

“Dog owners must have their dog licensed with the city, county, or other municipal jurisdiction to apply for an off-leash dog permit,” says the city of Ann Arbor dog parks website.

Learn more about Ann Arbor’s dog parks here.

4. Identification

According to the city’s licensing website, proper licensing also helps owners find lost dogs.

Find an example dog license application here.

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