Video shows alleged break in on Liberty in Ann Arbor, police seek information

ANN ARBOR – Three break ins were reported in the past two months at an office building at 3200 W. Liberty, according to Ann Arbor police.

The incidents took place between the hours of 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. on June 22, July 19 and July 24, said AAPD Sergeant Christopher Garrett.

In surveillance video shared by the business, a suspect can be seen walking around what appears to be an office space on July 19 using a cell phone as a flashlight. No damage was reported, but the suspect took several items during the incidents.

“(They’re) taking laptops, iPhones, a vacuum cleaner and Uber gift cards,” said Garrett.

He said it’s not clear if the same person has been repeatedly breaking in to the business, and the male suspect from the two most recent break ins could be seen wearing a ski mask and black clothing.

“There was no damage and we’re not 100% sure how they’re getting in and out,” said Garrett, who said the suspect was seen carrying a hammer in one hand.

The public is asked to share any information about the incidents with Garrett, who can be reached at 734-794-6930, ext. 49314.

About the Author:

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