Grab a bagel at these Ann Arbor spots for National Bagel Day

This is your sign to have a bagel for lunch

ANN ARBOR – Sunday was National Bagel Day! Whether you’re a butter purist or like a schmear of cream cheese, we can all agree that the bagel is an almost perfect food.

It can be eaten on its own or used to make sandwiches of all types. Eaters can have it whole or sliced; cold or toasted; naked or smothered in whatever they want. It can be part of breakfast, lunch or just as a smack.

Bagels can be dipped, fried, baked, turned into stuffing (yeah that’s a thing), made as bagel bites, dried into chips, and customized in an immeasurable number of ways.

How the bagel made its way into every pantry in the US is a bit of a mystery but what’s more of a mystery is exactly how the wheaty rounds are pronounced: Is it bah-gel or bey-gel?

To help you celebrate the doughy goodness that is the bagel, we’ve found four spots in Tree Town offering up different kinds of bagels.

Pick up bagels at these 4 spots around Ann Arbor:

MD Bagel Fragel

Are you even a townie if you haven’t indulged in a Fragel (or three)?

The independent bagel shop has been in Tree Town for almost three decades. In 2018, it was forced to change location and moved its family-owned shop to the southeast side of Ann Arbor at 3500 Washtenaw Ave.

While it offers a variety of bagel and cream cheese options, it is best known for its “Fragel”-- a raisin-filled dough that is fried and tossed in cinnamon sugar.

Zingerman’s Bakehouse

Another Ann Arbor-based brand, Zingerman’s Bakehouse offers up to 11 different types of bagels ranging from a traditional, plain bagel to those with roasted garlic, sea salt and a curry bagel. Some flavors are on vacation, but you can find recipes year-round in the Bakehouse cookbook.

Sister business Zingerman’s Delicatessen also offers daily bagels that can be bought individually or by the dozen. If you’re in Ann Arbor, you can order bagels online and have them delivered.

Pick up Bakehouse bagels at Plum Market, at the Bakehouse (3711 Plaza Dr.) or at the deli (422 Detroit St.)

Barry’s Bagels

Located on Ann Arbor’s westside, Barry’s has over 15 flavors of bagels ranging from asiago or plain to spinach feta, blueberry and sunny grain. It serves up accompanying cream cheese spreads like olive herb, bacon horseradish, cinnamon swirl and lite plain.

Hungry eaters can buy one bagel, or choose to go all out and get 14 bagels, called a Barry Dozen.

Grab a Barry dozen at 2515 Jackson Avenue.

Bruegger’s Bagels

Bruegger’s serves up New Yourk-style, kettle-boiled bagels in flavors like egg, poppy seed, everything and pumpernickel in its two Treet Town locations. It has a plethora of spreads including plain, smoked salmon, onion and chive and honey walnut.

Those wanting something less traditional can try topped bagels like the jalapeno cheddar or cheesy hashbrowns along with spicy spreads including garden veggie, Sriracha honey and strawberry.

Grab a bagel at 2260 S. Main St. or downtown at 709 N. University Ave.

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