Michigan’s Best Local Eats: MD Bagel Fragel has more than 400 bagel and cream cheese combos

Despite its 18 flavors of cream cheese and 24 flavors of bagel, all made in-house, MD Bagel Fragel is better known for the bread for which it’s named -- the fragel. “So when you come in, in two, three-and-a-half minutes, you get a fresh, warm fragel to eat,” said Patricia Rockette, co-owner of MD Bagel Fragel. MORE ANN ARBOR LOCAL EATS:Michigan’s Best Local Eats: Try Pizza Bob’s secret Chipati Sauce or milkshakes ‘to die for’Michigan’s Best Local Eats: Lobster-tail pastries, bubble cakes are favorites at Luca PastryMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Afternoon Delight still makes its bran muffin with its original recipeMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Specialty spice mix is the secret to Star’s Café falafelMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Variety is key at Ann Arbor’s Stray Hen Café breakfast, lunch optionsMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Fermentation is the trick to good dough at Ann Arbor’s BigaloraMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Comfort food is key at Ann Arbor’s Northside GrillMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Peking duck, soup dumplings among Of Rice and Men offeringsMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Huevos rancheros, breakfast burritos shine at Jefferson MarketMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Craving something sweet? Check out Eleanor’s Sweets and SodasMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Vedge Café surprises skeptics with vegan French dip, Irish reubenMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Taste Kitchen’s menu showcases fresh, seasonal dishesMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Lobster bisque among the many soups made with love at Le Dog=La SoupMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Check out Jerusalem Garden’s falafel that put it on the mapMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Find unique combos of familiar ingredients at The Songbird CaféMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Fresh bread, pastries tempt taste buds at The Lakehouse BakeryMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Get a real Chicago hot dog, complete with celery salt, at Ray’s Red HotsMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Zou Zou’s Café offers creative scones, sandwiches in ChelseaMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Vegano Italiano brings New York-style vegan pizza to YpsilantiMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Expand your wine and cheese palate with YORK’s European flairMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Yaya’s Pizza brings halal options to YpsilantiMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Hamburger Mary’s features Tower Inn favorites on blended menuMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Manchester Diner combines upscale flair with traditional favoritesMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Familiar favorites remain even after Casey’s Tavern menu refreshMichigan’s Best Local Eats: The Pretzel Bell features burgers, pizza, University of Michigan historyMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Find mini-macarons, chocolate eclairs at The Great CommonerMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Enjoy classic cheesesteaks, chili-cheese fries at Izzy’s Hoagie ShopMichigan’s Best Local Eats: The Crazy Diamond curates community with craft cocktailsMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Amadeus’ paprikash, pierogi inspired by owner’s travels around EuropeMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Check out the Kale-Yeah smoothie at Ypsilanti’s What’s In Your Cup? caféMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Pilar’s Tamales celebrates family heritage with tamales, pupusasMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Try authentic Cuban food at Ypsilanti’s Latin American Cuban CuisineMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Light, fluffy doughnuts are the specialty at DJ’s Bakery in Ann ArborMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Try everything from brats to tots at Ypsilanti’s The Wurst BarMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Curry On offers Indian-American fusion in Ann ArborMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Ypsi Boxcar, Aperol Spritz on cocktail menu at Ypsilanti’s MashMichigan’s Best Local Eats: Plate Sushi and Chicken serves up bento boxes, sushi rolls