2 Michigan spots make list of best dive bars in America

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Two Michigan bars have been named among the best in America.

Thrillist posted their list of the 33 best dive bars in America this week. Two Michigan bars, including one in Detroit, made the list and what Thrillist wrote:

2 Way Inn - Detroit

The oldest standing bar in Detroit -- it survived riots and the collapse of MoTown, plus an endless stream of bar fights -- the 2 Way has also doubled as a store, a jail, a brothel, and a dance hall. Now, it stands as the Motor City's ultimate dive, with a bar as old as the building -- and it's owned by a dude who'll often fire up the grill after a few cocktails strong enough to level a building on Devil's Night. The patrons range from hipsters to old-timers, the bartenders are surly, and the interior is like a time portal into Detroit's heyday… right down to the dude at the bar who probably never left after his last shift at the plant.

Duffy's Bar - Flushing

In addition to being the hometown of the (very handsome) guy who curated this list, Flushing, Michigan, is a sleepy suburbia of 8,000 or so residents. It has a nice river walk, a pair of cute ice cream shops, and way, way too many bars. There are five bars populating the 2-block, Rockwellian downtown alone, and Duffy's has taken landmark status over the years as being the city's de facto dive, a place where grizzled old men wait for the doors to open under the old 7-Up sign every morning as if they were chain-smoking kids waiting to buy a new iPhone. Inside, you'll find cheap beer, surly conversation, and pool tables that have withstood gallons' worth of spilled pitchers. If you grew up nearby, you'll certainly experience the joy of watching one of your retired teachers give unsolicited lessons, and witness old friends slowly morph into their parents while perched upon the same stool their family members have occupied for decades. On one visit, long ago, a now-retired bartender, when asked for a double, quipped, "We don't do doubles. A single is a triple." It's that kind of place: a small-town dive where everybody knows your name, but it will probably take five or six tries to get it right.

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