Armored Group opens new manufacturing facility

50 new jobs for local residents open


DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – The Armored Group has opened a new state of the art manufacturing facility in Dearborn Heights.

This 144,000 square foot facility will help provide over 50 new jobs for local residents.

The new manufacturing facility has been built on part of a seven acre piece of land, some of which may be used in the future for expansion.

TAG procured new laser cutting, brake press, welding and machine equipment to ensure that they will be "best in class".

The new equipment will work with state of the art software and will be maintained within the engineering library for production, or after sales service parts, for the future.

TAG specializes in three categories of armored vehicles: armored personnel carriers, personal protection vehicles and cash-in-transit vehicles.

"With strong internal engineering capabilities, and by using a manufacturing driven approach, we've concentrated on developing the highest level of manufacturing required to be the premier armored vehicle builder," said Robert Pazderka, president of The Armored Group. "We provide the highest quality armored vehicles available and set the standard for customization, reliability, and protection. The opening of our Dearborn Heights facility furthers our goal of providing the vehicles offering unequalled personal protection."

The plant is in close proximity to other suppliers and is well positioned to be a major manufacturer in the armored vehicle industry.

In order to maintain a working environment and preserve robust and high quality products, TAG has obtained ISO certification as well as VPAM certification on vehicles that were tested in Ulm, Germany, the top ballistic and testing facility in the world.

Through testing, vehicles demonstrated capability to support over 13,000 pounds without any roof deformation.

TAG has over 20 years of experience engineering, manufacturing and modifying armored vehicles for use by government military agencies, private businesses and individual citizens around the world.

For more information about The Armored Group, please contact Mary Garrett at (602)432-2010 or mary@mgpublicrelations.com.