Hansons, Rebuilding Together Oakland County announce 'Household of Windows' recipient


Cheryl Keller, a 63 year-old from Southfield, Mich., has been confined to a wheelchair since 2009 as a result of an automobile accident.

She lives alone in her three bedroom ranch home and using a walker, is able to only walk a few steps.

Suffering with chronic pain, she cannot perform maintenance or repairs to her home.

To address her home's safety and energy issues, Ms. Keller requested assistance from RTOC.  She could not afford to pay for necessary home repairs, especially for new windows that will help her reduce her energy bills, as well as cure some serious safety issues.  That's where 1-800-HANSONS stepped in and offered installation of new windows for her home; replacement to take place on June 25, 2014.

Brian Elias, president of 1-800-HANSONS, said, "We're excited to help Ms. Keller by installing new windows in her home and to help the less fortunate in the communities that have helped us to grow our business.  Ms. Keller has had so much difficulty and pain, so we jumped at the chance to help when Rebuilding Together asked us to pitch in again this year."

RTOC President Gale Frazee referred to the contribution by 1-800-HANSONS with, "With this type of corporate cooperation and commitment to our community, we are able to help a Southfield senior citizen in desperate need.  We are pleased to help by providing assistance that will make Ms.Keller's life a little more comfortable and energy efficient."                                                                                    

1-800-HANSONS has teamed with RTOC to provide a "Houseful of Windows" to a deserving Oakland County resident for the past 6 years.