Teen raising money for kits that will help ease diabetes fears

DETROIT – There’s no doubt that being diagnosed with Diabetes can be scary for anyone, especially children. That’s why a senior at Utica High School is working on creating a care kit for children who face that diagnosis.

Carina Willcock was only 22 months old when she was diagnosed with Type 1 juvenile diabetes.

“As a kid, nobody wants to get shots and have needles stuck in them every day. So, I definitely wasn’t looking forward to that,” Willcock said.

Something she credits with calming her fears was a bear that was given to her. She named him “C-Bear.”

“They would demonstrate what they were going to do on me on C-Bear. So, it gave me a lot of courage. I could see what was going to happen to me,” Willcock said.

As part of her senior year service project, she wanted to create a care kit for children who were going through the same thing she went through.

The kit consists of a self-written and illustrated book about a panther who is diagnosed with Diabetes at a young age. The kit also comes with a panther stuffed animal.

"To have a little friend that’s going through the same things, that you can bring to your appointments, and practice with, and kind of cuddle and be comforted by, is such a great thing,” said Utica High School teacher Kirsten Bolitho.

Willcock is raising money for the kits through a GoFundMe account (click here to see it). Once she reaches her goal, she plans to give the kits to every child at Beaumont Hospital who has recently been diagnosed with the disease.

"That’s where I went as a kid for all of my appointments, and I knew that they would see this project as something that would help their kids at their hospital,” Willcock said.

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