Detroit Bus Company giving away 250 scooters to kids


DETROIT – Detroit Bus Company is giving away $30,000 worth of scooters to kids ahead of the upcoming school year.

Detroit Bus Company, started back in 2011 by Andy Didorosi, has been working for years to improve public transit in the Detroit area. (Check out their Ride for Ride program)

"Last year we started an experiment where we recharged Bird and Lime electric scooters to see how people were using them. What we found was that a lot of the scooters were being used by kids in the neighborhoods even though they couldn’t turn them on," Didorosi writes. "We figured it was pretty inconsiderate to drop off these super cool toys in the middle of a neighborhood and not have a method for kids to ride them – so we set off to get these kids and others throughout Detroit their very own scooters."

Earlier this year, DBC was able to give 167 kids at an elementary school each their own scooter and helmet right before spring break, thanks to donations.

Now, DBC is giving out 250 more scooters and helmets to kids all across Detroit, Highland Park and Hamtramck.

How it works

You can enter on the DBC website right here. They're asking for a video submission explaining how the scooter might improve your life and how you'd use it.

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