The EMG Foundation mission: Help homeless, empower daughters without mothers

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DETROIT – This morning, Your Neighborhood takes us to the streets of Detroit where a very well-known name has dedicated her life’s work to helping those who call the streets home.

You hear her every week on the radio as the host of The Mildred Gaddis Show on KISS105.9 FM. But when she’s not on the air, Mildred Gaddis spends her time giving back as the founder of The EMG Foundation.

“I believe that we are all, no matter who we are, what we’re doing or whatever, that the fact that we exist demands and requires that we serve humanity,” said Gaddis.

And she's doing just that. The non-profit was founded about six years ago with two main goals: impact the homeless population that's out on the street and to empower daughters without mothers.

"Mothers are either incarcerated. The mothers have passed on or the home condition with generally involves a man that the mother is with, they are kicked out of the home," Gaddis explained.

The EMG Foundation has an annual luncheon where the daughters are celebrated through message, song and gifts. As for Detroit’s homeless population:

“Every December we raise funds and we go out and buy sleeping bags and on Dr. King’s day we go out on the streets and hand those people on the streets those bags,” Gaddis replied.

While she’s established herself as the queen of Detroit radio, Gaddis came from humble beginnings which is why she has dedicated her free time to helping the less fortunate.

“I grew up pretty poor,” she said. “Not pretty poor, really poor okay? And because of the kindness of other people I was able to become the woman that I have become.”

And she continues to meet those in need where they are.

"I always walk away feeling that we've not done enough. I know we haven't because the need is so great. It's just so great."

But she continues to give from the heart. The EMG Foundation also gives away scholarships. They’ll be awarding five $1,000 scholarships to college bound students attending an HBCU this upcoming school year.

If you’d like to apply or to find out how you can contribute to the organization’s mission, please visit:

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