Detroit man gives free skateboarding lessons at nearly-completed Chandler Skatepark

Detroiter partners with local organization to give lessons to kids

Some folks on Wednesday took advantage trying out a skatepark that is still under construction in Detroit.

DETROIT – Construction is almost done at Detroit’s Chandler Skatepark, but one man is already using the place to give out free lessons in a developing community.

It’s an absolute joy for Mr. Premium to go skateboarding on a daily basis. He’s hoping to spread that joy to a group of inner city kids in an under-served community.

“It’s given me therapy, it’s given me exercise, it’s given me confidence,” he said. “We’re here to keep the kids safe and I’ve been loving it. Just seeing the reaction from the kids, that means everything to me.”

With skateparks popping up all over the Detroit area, like the new concrete facility at Chandler Park, Mr. Premium remembers when getting into the sport wasn’t so easy.

“When I was growing up, we didn’t have the parks and parents wasn’t going out to buy you a skateboard for $100 all the time,” he said.

Through the organization, Community Push, Mr. Premium has been able to help give out countless skateboards to kids in need. Derrick Dykas, creator of the organization, said he’s definitely a necessary figure in the skateboarding world.

“Every skate scene needs a Mr. Premium. Thanks, Mr. P,” said Dykas said.

The cool part is that he is teaching kids to use the principals of skateboarding in the real world as well.

“You fall down, it’s the same thing to life. You’re either going to get back up or you’re going to let it defeat you,” said Mr. Premium.

Kids like Greg Oire Jr. and his father are happy to see the progress.

“It’s not known that there are a lot of Black men that are skating, especially In the city of Detroit. So, the fact that Mr. Premium wants to get more Black kids into skating, I think it’s great,” said Greg Oire Sr.

The place is going to be up and running on Oct. 23. Mr. Premium, however, is going to be there with free lessons every Monday and Wednesday.

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