Another Huge Step In Mama Shu’s Mission

There’s a lot of transformation going on in a local neighborhood that has been rocked by violence.

Coach Sam Wells (Highland Park basketball coach): “She has made a difference.”

Now, Local 4′s Karen Drew is there for another huge step in Mama Shu’s mission of revitalization in the name of the sons she lost, that will change the lives of countless kids.

Mama Shu: “They can come here, do their homework, eat. That’s the goal.”

Candius Elliott (local mom): “It’s so beautiful inside.”

Azuri Nong (Mumford High Sophomore): “I will be able to be in honors classes and stuff and it will look good on my college transcript.”

Karen Drew: “What do you think? What do you feel?”

Mama Shu: “I can’t believe it. Five whole years.”

Karen Drew: “You did it!”

Mama Shu: “I know girl!”

You’ll want to watch this uplifting story of hope and perseverance with your whole family -- Thursday at 5 p.m. on Local 4 News, ClickOnDetroit and streaming on Local 4+.

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