Walmart reveals top-selling item in Michigan stores for 2017


Walmart is the nation's largest private employer, which means you or someone you know probably works at -- or shops at a Walmart.

The superstore mega-chain recently revealed their top selling items in 2017 by state.

In Alabama, crayons are popular. In Oregon, humidifiers are flying off the shelves.

In Michigan, well, we're apparently buying a lot of lavender scented cleaning products. That's right - our top selling item is lavender...scented...cleaning products.

In Nevada -- it's dog treats. In Illinois -- it's erasers. In Maryland -- it's glue sticks. 

In Michigan -- it's...lavender...scented...cleaning products. So, there's that. My colleague John Steckroth informed me that lavender is actually the best natural repellent for scorpions.

Walmart tracked shoppers in store and online. Check out the infograph below from Business Insider.

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