Did a Michigan pothole damage your car? You could be reimbursed


DETROIT – Potholes are wreaking havoc on Michigan vehicles.

Car shops are slammed with repairs in Metro Detroit, fixing damaged vehicles after slamming into potholes on Michigan roads.

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It's a terrible, inconvenient thing to go through, but there may be a silver lining: it's possible to be reimbursed for your repair costs by the state or city. Here's how:

If your car was damaged on a state road:

You'll need to fill out this MDOT form, print it out and take it to any MDOT office.

In Macomb County:

You'll need to fill out this form. You can submit via mail, email or fax to the Macomb County Department of Roads. Photographs are encouraged.

In Wayne County:

You'll need to fill out this form. They can be mailed or dropped off to the Wayne County Risk Management Claims Division, 500 Griswold, 20th Floor, Detroit, 48226.

In Oakland County:

You can file a claim online here. 

In Detroit:

You'll need to fill out this form and send it to the City of Detroit Law Department Claims Section.

Important: For many of these claims, wherever you are, you'll need to provide proof. Save all of your receipts, estimates, photographs and even witness accounts. Good luck!

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