Hidden camera investigation raises questions about botox injections at Macomb County beauty bar

State officials investigating Lash Beauty Bar in Clinton Township

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A new Help Me Hank hidden camera investigation focuses on a Metro Detroit beauty bar that has captured the attention of state investigators because of botox injections.

Botox is wildly popular because it helps many people achieve a more youthful appearance. But in Michigan there are strict laws as to who is allowed to inject in an effort to keep patients safe.

Help Me Hank received information about the beauty bar, and what was captured on hidden camera raises questions.

Falon Wolfe, the owner of Lash Beauty Bar in Clinton Township, is being questioned by investigators because of the potential danger of botox injections. If it's not properly injected, botox can become a big problem, according to dermatologist Dr. Steven Grekin.

"It takes training," Grekin said. "It's not simply drawing up something in a syringe and injecting it. You need to have proper placement, the right amount and with minimal damage."

Grekin and the staff members in his office said it not only takes skill, but also proper training and certification with the state in order to inject botox.

"We update our training," Grekin said. "We are all licensed with the state and we take care to ensure patient safety."

The Help Me Hank team received tips about Wolfe, and in a statement, investigators told us, "We're currently investigating two allegations against the licensee and one allegation against the unlicensed facility. We cannot comment further on an ongoing investigation."

With hidden cameras rolling, our undercover producer set an appointment with Wolfe.

"You do it, right?" our producer asked.

"Mhmm," Wolfe said.

"Is there anyone else who's there?" our producer asked.

"Yeah, no, so, like, a lot of times we will have botox parties and a doctor will come in and do it and it's really nice because, like, the pricing goes down," Wolfe said. "You can do like $10 a unit and the lips go on special and stuff like that, so it's really awesome."

"But if I got it done, like right now, you would just do it, right?" our producer asked.

"Yeah," Wolfe said.

"And nobody else?" our producer asked.

"No," Wolfe said.

Our producer asked Wolfe about her license. She is a licensed esthetician with the state, but according to investigators, in Michigan, an esthetician alone can't inject botox unless under the direct supervision of a doctor or nurse.

Wolfe claimed she was a nurse, but the state said there is nobody with that name registered as a nurse in Michigan.

"You have a license, I'm sure?" our producer asked.

"Yeah," Wolfe said.

"Like, cosmetology?" our producer asked.

"No," Wolfe said. "You need a nurse license."

"Oh, so you have one?" our producer asked.

"Yeah," Wolfe said.

The state investigation is moving forward, and so is Help Me Hank's questioning.

State officials didn't reveal a timeline for the investigation.

You can watch Hank Winchester's full story in the video posted above.

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