THAW helps needy Michigan families stay safe, warm when temps drop

Nonprofit works closely with DTE

DETROIT – It just takes one bad circumstance -- the loss of a job, the death of a spouse or parent, health problems or struggles with a child.

As the bills pile up, it can feel like you’re drowning without a life raft.

That’s where the Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW) comes in.

THAW is a nonprofit organization stabilizing and empowering Michigan families, keeping them healthy, safe and warm.

It distributes assistance to vulnerable Michigan residents through 39 agency partners and a series of annual mobile processing events. The number of households that need utility assistance continues to grow each year.

Since its inception in 1985, THAW has provided assistance to more than 275,000 Michigan households.

DTE Energy is a major partner, sponsoring the Local 4 Gift of Warmth Telethon that benefits THAW.

Volunteers with DTE spent a snowy, cold morning canvassing the streets of Detroit; showing that they’re here to help with utility bills by educating people.

On Neighborhood Energy Efficiency Day (NEED), the focus was on providing energy efficiency education and tools in Southwest Detroit so customers can take control of their energy usage.

Curtis Christian, an energy specialist for DTE, went into homes for the free Home Energy Consultation. He went through looking at cracks and gaps in windows and doors, where the heat might escape. He also installed LED lighting, programmable thermostats, faucet and shower aerators, and hot water pipe wraps.

Curtis says it’s all about making homes greener and safer for the environment, but more so, it’s about saving money for hardworking Michiganders

If you’re interested in saving money at your home, you can get a free home energy consultation.

Click the link above, call 866-796-0512 or send an email to energy_saving@dteenergy.com for further assistance.

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