4.9M Fabuloso cleaning products recalled over bacteria contamination

Multipurpose cleaner sold at Walmart, Dollar General, Amazon

Millions of units of Fabuloso multipurpose cleaning products are being recalled due to a potential bacteria contamination. Product images courtesy of the recall announcement posted Feb. 8, 2023. (WDIV)

Millions of units of multipurpose cleaner sold under the brand Fabuloso are being recalled due to potential bacteria contamination.

Colgate-Palmolive, the company behind the brand, announced Wednesday, Feb. 8, that several types of Fabuloso cleaners are being recalled after a “preservative was not added at the intended levels during manufacturing.” Without that preservative, it is possible for Pseudomonas bacteria to grow inside the cleaner.

Fabuloso cleaning products are sold nationwide in stores and online at places like Walmart, Lowe’s, Dollar General and on Amazon. The company is recalling 4.9 million products that were specifically produced between Dec. 14, 2022 and Jan. 23. The manufacturing issue was corrected on Jan. 23, officials said.

Impacted products include their lavender, lemon, passion fruit, spring fresh and ocean scented multipurpose cleaners. Click here to see the full list of recalled products.

Though 4.9 million products are affected by the recall, officials say that 80% of the products were never released for sale.

Anyone who purchased the recalled cleaning products are urged not to use them and to dispose of them right away. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says to dispose of this product by keeping the cleaner in its container and throwing the whole thing in the garbage.

If the bacteria is present inside the container, it can “enter the body if inhaled, through the eyes or through a break in the skin.” Those with weakened immune systems and underlying lung conditions are particularly at risk of more serious infections if they come into contact with the bacteria.

Consumers can request a reimbursement from the company by filling out a form on their website right here. Anyone with questions can call 1-855-703-0166.

Officials say no injuries have been reported so far in connection with the recall.

See the entire Fabuloso recall announcement here.

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