Learn American Sign Language with this master class bundle for under $20

Work towards fluency in American Sign Language with this training. (StackCommerce)

Knowing how to communicate in American Sign Language is an admirable skill. Not to mention, the demand for learning it for specific jobs is on the rise. If you’ve ever thought about teaching yourself ASL, now’s your chance to jump in for real this time. The Complete 2021 American Sign Language Master Class Bundle is on sale for 80% off, at $19.99. You will take three levels, plus a bonus course, all on your smartphone or computer, that will teach you useful and common ASL signs for everyday situations.

This 53-lecture class will give you a better understanding of the Deaf culture and community. Whether you have a deaf friend, family member, or partner you want to communicate with, or need to learn it for a potential job, this class will have you covered. Learning ASL offers other benefits as well. There are approximately 36 million hearing-impaired and deaf people in the country. Knowing ASL will help you to be able to communicate with 17% more of the population.

The course includes three levels where you will learn weekdays, times, pronouns, emergency signs, reactions, weather, and deaf etiquette. There’s also a bonus course of baby sign language for babies and toddlers. Baby sign language is a fantastic way to help children improve their spelling skills and increase their vocabulary. When you teach your child baby sign language, you’ll help them communicate before they even know how to talk!

Taking this course will also give you 30 “Continuing Professional Development” credits, which is a symbol of quality-assured training. This is especially important if a job you’re applying to requires you to have a certain number of CPD credits. After you complete the course, you will get a certificate of completion.

It’s time to teach yourself another valuable life skill. Start learning today and buy this course, which is on sale for a limited time with an 80% discount for only $19.99.

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