This useful vacuum cap will keep your wine fresh

Lock-in all of the aromas and flavors with this electronic wine sealer (Electronic Avenue)

It’s an all-too-common experience to excitedly open up a bottle of wine, have a glass, and save the rest for later, only to return after a few days and find it bland, stale and otherwise lacking its original magic. It’s the worst when this happens because you were trying to savor a good bottle over a few days.

You may have tried different DIY methods to keep your wine fresh or purchased stoppers that just don’t do the trick. Luckily, the perfect vacuum seal top is on sale for just $30.

The Napa King Auto Vacuum Wine Preserver Saver Cap electronically seals your bottle of wine to preserve its unique flavor. This easy-to-use vacuum seal will keep all the subtle notes of your wine fresh for far longer than it would if you just stuck the cork back in. And, it’s low-fuss; there’s no hand pumping involved.

For wine lovers who prefer to sip a glass or two instead of finishing the bottle, this cap is the perfect way to maintain the delicious flavor of your wine. Return to it at your leisure without worrying about the taste fading. Or, if you have a habit of opening several bottles at once so you can have your reds, whites, rose’s and even oranges throughout the week, invest in a few of these caps to keep all your wine fresh.

Wine oxidizes quickly and can have a noticeable change in taste after just one day in the fridge with a cork. By limiting exposure to air, this vacuum seal will protect your wine from excess oxidation and flavor dulling.

If you love wine and hate throwing things away, this cap is for you. It also makes for the perfect gift for hosts, newlyweds or anyone who likes wine. When you purchase this vacuum preserver, it’ll pay off quickly as you won’t have to pour wine down the drain ever again!

Named after the heart of wine country, the Napa King Auto Vacuum Wine Preserver Saver Cap lets you prolong your enjoyment of wine from any region. Usually priced at $69, this device is on sale at a 57% discount, dropping the price to just $29.95. Upgrade your wine drinking experience with this game-changing tool!

Prices subject to change.