Train your dog and learn how to better care for them with this $20 bundle

The Essential 2022 Dog Training Bundle is the perfect way for you to get back on track with your training. (StackCommerce)

Let’s face it, when you have a dog, training is an important part of being a responsible dog parent. Not only does dog training help your dog become the best version of themself but it also helps to keep them happy and safe. Unfortunately, most dog owners stop training their dogs after their first puppy class wraps up but training should continue for your dog’s entire life!

The Essential 2022 Dog Training Bundle is the perfect way for you to get back on track with your training.

This 8-course bundle is filled with 183 lessons taught by dog training professionals like top dog behavior expert Sharon Bolt and the UK’s natural dog whisperer, Nikki Brown.

To kick off this bundle you’ll start with Sharon’s A-Z Guide to Puppy and Dog Training. This lesson is way more than learning commands like sit and stay. Instead, it focuses on potential behavioral issues that you should be able to easily recognize before you even bring your puppy home.

From there you’ll be taken to courses that cover many common dog-related issues such as nuisance barking and safely handling dog aggression. Another valuable course included in this bundle is simple leash training methods so both dog and owner can enjoy their walks together. There are also a few courses on canine nutrition that go over safe and natural remedies that you can use to treat common dog illnesses and how to safely switch your dog from dry dog kibble to a raw diet.

Finally, if dog training is something that you want to explore on a professional level, there are 2 courses dedicated to helping make that happen. Dog trainers are loving it according to this positive review that reads, “This is a brilliant course yet again by Sharon Bolt. It has helped me to no end with my dog training career and has taught me so much about running a successful business.”

If The Dog Essential 2022 Dog Training Bundle sounds perfect for you, for a limited time you can grab it for just $19.99. That’s a savings of 98% off the regular price of $1,592.

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