Students find tutors through online service pairs students with tutors in subject, geographical area

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Ian Eldred recently graduated from college but he almost didn't even get into Michigan State University because of his low math grades.

"I was borderline failing," said Eldred. "I had a good ACT score but my grade for math needed to be up to make sure I got into Michigan State."

It was during his senior year of high school his father started looking for a tutor for him. They decided to try a private online tutoring website called

"On the website you put in the subject that you're looking for, and it was pre-calculus at the time and within that area, and it showed the bio for different tutors," said Eldred.

WyzAnt paired Ian up with Katherine Gimmestad. She was a private tutor in their area using the website to make some extra cash tutoring on subjects she knew well.

"I was in grad school," said Gimmestad. "I was broke and I needed a part-time job that was flexible. I needed something I could have some control over but something that would be worthwhile. My husband said, 'Well, you've gone to school forever and you're a nerd ... is there some way we could make this work for you?'"

Katherine began working with Ian on pre-calculus for one to two hours sessions twice a week.

"It was probably within less than a month and all my grades went up to about 90 percent for all my homework and even my exams," said Eldred.

Gimmestad was impressed with his work ethic.

"Ian was one the hardest working students I had ever worked with and it helped that he was really, really smart," she said.

Now, years later, Ian has graduated college. Gimmestad continues to help other students improve their grades as well.

"I've never had a case where I couldn't get someone to an A, B or a B+, and usually that's where I'm failing and it's within a fast period of time," said Gimmestad.

She believes the summer is the best time to make sure students stay ahead of subjects they need extra help with during the school year.

"That summer brain drain is very real. That summer brain drain happens. A lot of times during the school year there might be gaps or things that people are weak on anyways, and then the summer just reinforces that," she said.

Whether you're a student in need of tutoring, or skilled in a certain subject looking to make some extra cash, both have found WyzAnt to meet those needs.

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